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Timbre Wolf™    
The Timbre Wolf pickup uses an Alnico-5 magnet and has an ohm reading of about 15k. This is designed to be a modern voiced bridge pickup, a real screamer. This pickup has a chunky, howling bass, crisp highs, and a slightly scooped midrange. This pickup is long sustaining, ultra thick, and rich in harmonics and howls like there's no tomorrow. Now also available in a ceramic magnet version for those who want true paint-peeling, scorching tones! .
Notable users: Thierry Huylebroeck, KOB-Wotan
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    Rock Tone
Price: $120ea  
General pricing notes: Except for the Legends, all prices quoted are for uncovered humbuckers. If ordering covers, add $10 for "raw satin" or polished nickel silver, $12 for gold, or $20 for the fully aged "crusty" look. "Raw satin" is a lightly aged, dull look.   Clean Blues Tone
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  Thanks to all for your wonderful sound clips! ....... Wolfe MacLeod
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