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Raw, in-your-face, distinctive Alnico-5 hot P.A.F attitude. With an upper-midrange punch and sizzling - not harsh - high end, they'll deliver the power to cut through. The Marshallhead pickups were brought about by the desire for a pickup that captures more of the "overwound" original 59 P.A.F pickups without sacrificing clarity, detail and that great P.A.F "honk". A bright, yet fat and clear top end compliments a cello like bottom and hollow honky midrange so unique to the 50's originals. Using plain enamel wire, Alnico 5 magnets, no wax potting and a special winding process, the Marshallhead pickups have really raised the bar on the hotter P.A.F type winds. Bridge is 9k, neck is 8.2k .

Want a darker, "smoky" tone? Ask about the Alnico 2 mod!

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  Classic Rock Tone
Price: $130ea  
General pricing notes: Except for the Legends, all prices quoted are for uncovered humbuckers. If ordering covers, add $10 for "raw satin" or polished nickel silver, $12 for gold, or $20 for the fully aged "crusty" look. "Raw satin" is a lightly aged, dull look.   Classic Rock Tone (new amp by Bob Reinhardt)
  13 minutes of Zep by NO QUARTER guitarist Bryan Christiensen
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  Thanks to all for your wonderful sound clips! ....... Wolfe MacLeod
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